Directions & Parking


LUX-SF is easily accessible by car, bike, Muni, or Caltrain. Our front entrance is at 2325 3rd St. The street door is unlocked from 7AM to 6PM Monday-Saturday. Outside of these hours, and on holidays, find “LUX-SF Studios” on the display screen at 2325 3rd St. and press the call button. Listen for the “click” that indicates the door has been unlocked, and enter the building. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor (not 3R), and proceed down the hall, keeping to your right, and continuing to the end of the longest hallway. We are fully wheelchair accessible, and available at all times to assist with any access issues. Please look for signage in the hall to indicate in which suite your shoot or event is being held.


Free, unlimited street parking is available on Illinois St. between 20th and 22nd Sts., and on many of the surrounding blocks, though these spots tend to fill up before 8 AM every day except Sunday.

Paid parking is available Monday-Saturday for $20/day in the IMPARK lot behind the building at 901 Illinois St. The entrance is located just across the street from the 960 Illinois St. loading dock. It is open for day-parkers from 9AM every morning.


Our primary loading dock is located at 960 Illinois St. The freight elevator inside measures 7’2” wide x 10’8” deep; its doorway is 8’6” high, and the ceiling is 10’. There is also a stairway through the door just beyond the elevator that leads up to the 3rd floor.

There is a second loading dock and freight elevator at 948 Illinois St. should the primary be occupied or otherwise unavailable. It arrives approximately 100’ up the hallway from the studios on floor three.

The loading dock main overhead door is locked from 6PM-7AM Monday through Saturday, and closed all day Sunday and on federal holidays. Please contact us to arrange to keep these doors open beyond these hours.

We advise that talent and clients enter through our main building entrance at 2325 3rd St. Access through the docks is primarily for crew and loading.

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